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Ultrasonic probe sonicators are versatile systems that find applications in many areas. Their applications range from emulsion preparation http://www.cheapnflbrownsjerseys.com/cody-kessler-jersey/ , dispersion, and protein extraction, to cosmetics manufacturing, tissue preparation, and degassing of liquids http://www.cheapnflbrownsjerseys.com/carl-nassib-jersey/ , amongst others. While different sonication systems are used for different applications, every system consists of three elements: a power generator that supplies input AC supply; a transducer (featuring piezoelectric converter) which converts electrical energy coming from the generator into high-frequency mechanical vibrations; and a probe or a horn which amplifies these vibrations by expanding and contracting longitudinally whilst transmitting them down as ultrasonic waves into the sample. The intensity of vibrations is highest at the tip of the probe thereby causing cavitation and leading to implosion of microscopic bubbles. This releases tremendous energy that can be used to process the sample.

Modern systems allow practitioners to control the tip’s amplitude according to the sample being processed. The ultrasonicator systems also allow the user to set the sample processing in pulse mode or use temperature-monitoring mechanism to maintain the integrity of samples. However, there are applications when ultrasonic probe sonicators are not a suitable choice to process the sample. Some general parameters to assess whether ultrasonic homogenizers are suitable for a particular application or not include:

1. Character of your sample

Ultrasonic probe sonicators produce great results when the sample processed is typically liquid or small solid particles in a liquid in need of uniform homogenization. As a result, ideal applications include cell disruption, nanoparticle dispersion http://www.cheapnflbrownsjerseys.com/emmanuel-ogbah-jersey/ , and DNA extraction, to name a few. On the other hand, if the sample contains more of solids than the liquid, using sonicator systems may produce unsatisfactory results. Ultrasonicator systems may not be the best option for directly processing large tough tissues.

2. Heat sensitivity of your sample

Heat sensitivity of the sample is an important parameter to decide whether or not to go with ultrasonic processing. Since ultrasonic homogenizers generate large amount of heat, processing samples that are highly sensitive to heat may be inappropriate. Even if in some cases where sonicators are used http://www.cheapnflbrownsjerseys.com/corey-coleman-jersey/ , care should be taken to use a pulse mode or put together a recirculation loop setup comprising a sonicator, ultrasonic reactor, and a cooling jacket. As a result, since assays comprising RNA are heat-sensitive, using ultrasonication to process them is inappropriate.

3. Processing effect desired on your sample

Some applications require a shearing effect on the sample whilst others require a sample to be cut or tore apart. Ultrasonication systems form an ideal choice for the former category of applications http://www.cheapnflbrownsjerseys.com/zane-gonzalez-jersey/ , such as DNA shearing. Alternatively, if you need to tear apart your samples, probe sonicators don’t form the ideal choice. Applications that fall into this category include processing tough animal tissues and cells.
Want to really derail the chances for a successful sensual encounter? It’s easy – just ignore the rank manhood odor emanating from the middle regions. Manhood odor is a common, and potentially disastrous, problem for many men – which explains why so many look into extreme strategies to reduce that noxious aroma. Practicing proper male organ care is one of the best ways to address an odiferous member http://www.cheapnflbrownsjerseys.com/howard-wilson-jersey/ , but often more help is needed. And that’s when a man may make some poor decisions.

Why so much stench?

It’s not surprising that manhood odor strikes so many men. After all, the manhood is kept snuggled away beneath not one but two sets of clothing – and often the underwear layer fits very tightly around the manhood. This gives extra support, but it adds to the heat factor. Add in the fact that, unless one manscapes, the male organ is surrounded by hair that adds further insulation. And http://www.cheapnflbrownsjerseys.com/larry-ogunjobi-jersey/ , of course, the tumescence process generates additional heat.

And that heat means sweat, which means bacteria, which means the potential is always there for odor.

Strategies to avoid

So it’s understandable why odor is a problem. But that doesn’t mean all methods of addressing it are good. Here are a few to avoid.

• Cologne or aftershave. There are probably few men who didn’t in their puberty think, “Hey http://www.cheapnflbrownsjerseys.com/deshone-kizer-jersey/ , splashing a little aftershave down there ought to make things smell better.” Unfortunately, male organ skin is enormously sensitive. When the alcohol and other chemicals and fragrances hit the member, it feels like a match has been set to the log. Rather than adding fragrance, it’s better to slip away to the bathroom when the time for sensual activity draws near and give the member and sacks a good washing with a mild soap.

• Babywipes. These are no good for the same reason – that alcohol is going to sting.

• Baking soda. Putting an open box of baking soda in the refrigerator helps absorb all the stale food scents that pervade the appliance. Should pouring some on the manhood do the same thing? Technically yes, but raw baking soda also dries the skin out http://www.cheapnflbrownsjerseys.com/david-njoku-jersey/ , which a guy doesn’t want. Also, when sweat is added into the mixture, the baking soda becomes clumpy and cakey, which is not a good look.

• Oil. Some men have used cooking oil (such as olive oil) on their male organ as a way to counteract odor. There’s no proven benefit to this, and the presence of excess oil on the skin could potentially irritate the partner that will soon be receiving that member.

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