Made of pure Expanded PTFE Sheet resin only

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Electronics industry: due to the high Expanded PTFE transmission between the cables, the wires may be cut, which may cause short circuits or serious electrical accidents. In order to protect any such uncertainty, this type of tubing is installed on the wire.

Chemical industry: this type of pipe supports the safe transmission of liquid.

Expanded PTFE gaskets are designed for use in chemical, pulp and paper, food and beverage, and other general industrial applications where process piping and equipment are required to be resistant to highly aggressive chemicals.

The expanded PTFE gasket material is suitable for irregular surfaces of steel flanges and flanges.

The expanded PTFE gasket material is made of pure Expanded PTFE Sheet resin only. It applies to steel flanges and flanges that require highly compressible gaskets. Also applies to the irregular surface of the sealing flange. There will be no cold flow problems associated with the original PTFE or some other filler PTFE product hardness problems. It has excellent sealing, easy to cut, and after use with the flange clean separation.


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