A major overhaul of RUNESCAPE's god war

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Two thousand years ago, the war that devastated girerno was raging in the northern frozen wasteland. Now, however , it's a new look and a more inviting reward!

The diehard veterans of god's war will first notice the change in graphics. Almost all NPCS in the dungeon have been redesigned to look like eternal warriors of their strength. The bosses received special attention. Look at Kree 'arra's razor-sharp fighting wings, or the unrivaled muscle height of general Graardin.

But not only are the residents of the dungeons now looking hard. Pernix and Virtus armor,Runescape 2007 Gold, Zaryten bow, Zamorak spear and steam fighters have been visually updated. All four versions from the sword now have an epic new look.

Of course , there's a whole pile of stolen goods that you can't miss out on in the renewal of the holy battle. In Evolution Evolutionary Evolutionary Beta, you have seen the new components of Torva, Pernix, Virtus, Bandos, and Armadyl. In addition , there is also an amulet for melee, remote and mage, as well as obedience to all dark wizards - brutal and effective armour. RuneScape

Fans associated with history will be happy with the books every boss in the dungeon now leaves. Each of them is a record regarding what happened during the darkest period of god's war. If history is not your thing, you don't have to worry: books are always outside the normal booty. So you will never get them, rather than expecting a long decline.

In the end, we made a lot of improvements. For example: in the K 'ril Tsutsaroths attack damage, now a few distribution between players, when they are close together, the NEX is as strong as before (throw back to improve pathfinding and ability, ranged damage to their attacks, in combat beta) and no longer need to bring rope or mithril broke down.

Therefore , it began to be in a state involving war with god:

Travel through Trollheim, find the entrance, and their dungeons are directly north.


You must have beaten dad at the troll fortress.

Strength or agility at level 60

There are different preconditions for different gods:

Saladin: agility degree 70

Armadyl: remote control level 70

Zamora: 700 points of life

Bandos: the power of stage 70

This is a very dangerous area for high level players. Here you can attack the most dangerous monster in RuneScape. Deadman Gold.There is absolutely a need for a high level of combat, you should bring the most powerful equipment, you can still get the loss.


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