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At combat level 50, you can do both with ease.9World of Warcraft14 runescape gold Games Like World Of Warcraft (WoW) MMORPGs You Should Playby Rahul Parashar3 months agoWorld of Warcraft still remains of the most played games ever with more than 10 millions subscribers still logging in to this after 10 years of its launch.
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Generally players that are a lower level than you will beg you for money or items and players that are a higher level than you will ignore you. Any high level player that wanders into a heavily populated low level area can expect to receive masses of unsolicited trade requests and demands for free valuables.

"The main thing is the performance of the app. If you play on PC, you get between 30 and 40 FPS, if you're lucky. On your phone you can get up to 85. The way the game was designed back in 2002, was that it was supposed to work on 'your grandmother's rig', is what we called it. It should work on a single core of your PC. Old School still is designed to work that way. The problem is that monitors have gotten so big, with 4K, 5K monitors, a single core on any PC can't handle it anymore, resulting in fps drops. On a mobile phone the game runs on your GPU, making it run an awful lot smoother."

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