messed up after England late show

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This time it is not so easy to defend the guy. It is not a witch-hunt, it is nothing to do with his choice of body art, where he shops or what he eats for breakfast and, if you happen to think Raheem Sterling is treated differently in parts of the media because of the colour of his skin, that does not change the fact he has genuinely messed up.

At the same time there is no need to go overboard when Sterling, to give him his due, is hardly known for these late shows and Gareth Southgate has accepted it was a one-off – a disciplinary matter but still, ultimately, a one-off. Lessons Womens Michael Brockers Jersey learned, knuckles rapped and, according to the England manager, time to move on, no real damage done.

The bottom line, however, is there is a world of difference between turning up late for England duty – necessitating an apology from Sterling in front of the entire squad – and the other stories that have ignited the recent debate about why he, of all Southgate’s players, appears to hold so much fascination for some of the more paparazzi-driven newspapers.
Southgate’s response when he was asked about Sterling’s new tattoo of a rifle on his right leg was to defend the player and make it clear it was not an attempt to glamorise gangs or guns. The Football Association had already released a statement praising Sterling for the “honest and heartfelt account” in which the Manchester City player said the tattoo was unfinished and had a deeper meaning because his father was killed by a gun. Sterling has not been short of backing when, to many people, it has started to feel suspiciously as if there was something sinister about some of the Darren Collison Authentic Jersey coverage and, specifically, that it had become a campaign.
That debate should not just be dismissed because Sterling could not manage to get to St George’s Park, as arranged, on Eric Kendricks Authentic Jersey Tuesday, turning up the following day instead and finding out in the process that Southgate, contrary to what some people believe, does have a temper. But the player has not done himself any favours and, if he was hoping for a period out of the limelight, it was probably not the wisest move to fly to Jamaica on holiday and then go awol when the rest of Southgate’s players were already preparing for Saturday’s game against Nigeria.
As indiscretions go, this is not a man caught stealing flowers from his local cemetery but, in football terms, it does amount to a clear breach of discipline – one that would incense any top-level manager. As such, Sterling should be grateful Southgate has been so understanding. Was Sterling still in contention to play against Nigeria? “Absolutely,” the England manager replied. Yet not every manager would be so obliging and there are plenty of examples of players who have been left out as punishments for similar incidents.
David Beckham turned up late at Manchester United once and, when he was asked to explain himself, he blamed it on his son, Brooklyn, being unwell. Sir Alex Ferguson decided that “wasn’t being fair to his team-mates” and he was dropped from the following game at Leeds. Beckham’s explanation did not wash: Ferguson recalled in one of his autobiographies that his player did not have “a satisfactory reason for being absent”.
More recently Phil Foden, one of Sterling’s team-mates at Manchester City, Jeff Green Authentic Jersey and Jaden Sancho, of Borussia Dortmund, turned up late for a training session with England’s Under-19s before a game against Latvia. The manager, Paul Simpson, dropped them both.
In Sterling’s case there are also aggravating circumstances, as far as Southgate is concerned, because he had already given the player an extra day off, with the rest of the squad reporting for duty last Monday. Sterling asked for extra time because he had a family problem during a week-long break for England’s players. He had a few days in Ibiza before flying back to deal with that matter. He then went to Jamaica on another holiday and the problem, according to the FA, was that he could not get a direct flight home. A connection was arranged via Miami and, for some reason, he did not make it. wholesale jerseys wholesale jerseys from china wholesale jerseys cheap jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys cheap jerseys cheap jerseys free shipping


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