Method of polishing tiles

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Method of polishing tiles

Remove all heavy objects and obstructions from the floor to get a complete cleaning of the tiles, and use the broom to remove dust and dirt from the floor before you wash with water.

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Wash the floor tile after placing the detergent that does not contain ammonia with warm water. Ammonia has a negative effect on the glitter of the tiles. Clean well with the broom so that the water is spread over the entire floor. Use an old toothbrush to clean the tiles between the tiles and the ceramic blocks. Add the detergent to the water so you can rinse it easily, use warm water to rinse the floor, and even get a sure shine Put a few drops of hair shampoo into the water and wash the ceramic.

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Mixers for cleaning tiles You can use mixtures of natural materials available at home, by mixing a cup of concentrated vinegar with two liters of water, or lemon juice with water to sparkle more, and you can also put a little soda in the water if you do not have concentrated vinegar Or lemon juice in the house, and after rinsing the tiles by using soft cloth to dry the tile; soft cotton does not leave traces of water on the ground.

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You can use lemon salt to clean the tiles. After you put the water on all the tiles, sprinkle the lemon salt on the tiles and spread it with a cloth on the floor of the room until between the joints, leave it for ten minutes and then clean it with warm water, and then dry the tiles quickly with a dry cloth to get rid of Effects of water on the floor.

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When you clean the marble, mix an equal amount of liquid soap and the spilled sapidage with a little water, until the medium-density mixture is soft, then boil the mixture. Use it either cold or hot, and with a soft cloth, wash it for 1 hour. Mix traces go from the marble surface.

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