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Surely you often hear the above statement to be the reason people when they forget something. Sure, not a human name if you never forget all his life. That's because our brain is divided into two parts seen from the type of memory, namely short-term memory and long-term memory. If you do not repeat or use any information, its presence in your brain also will not be long. That information is stored in short-term memory. On the contrary.

Well, even so, there are still many people who complain of difficulty remembering something even trying to keep it well. Apparently there are many factors that can make them easy to forget it you know. Starting from the way they learn or memorize, until the atmosphere they feel when receiving the information. For those of you who feel have a weak memory, consider first tips summarize the following about the ways you can do to easily remember something ~
1. The first tip is to determine what information is your priority

Set priority
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You realize there's a lot of information we can get every day, even every hour? Well if you include people who receive all the information without being filtered first, maybe it be one factor why your memory is low. If you want to remember more easily, determine the information that is your priority. Try to be a little ignorant with things that are not relevant to your life.
2. Train your brain by memorizing the reverse of the info you want to keep in mind

Remember also the opposite

Compared to just remembering one thing from one perspective, it would be better if you also remember the opposite. Suppose you are deep in English and happen to be memorizing the activity chapter, you can use this way. The English language of 'running' is 'run', so it's easier to remember also memorize english from 'walk' ie 'walk'. Your brain will be easier to save memory by memorizing the reverse as well.
3. Build your imagination about a place, this will make it easier for you to remember about things related to it

Build your imagination

Imagining makes it easy for you to remember something. For example, you are memorizing the names of goods in French, you can remember things in your home or elsewhere. On the living room table there are vases, flowers, glasses, and so on. Given the position of the object, you can more easily remember it, compared to memorizing the text only.


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