Methods of cleaning wood Kitchen

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Methods of cleaning wood Kitchen

baking powder Ingredients: a little each of: baking powder, vinegar, lemon juice. Preparation: Put a quantity of warm water in a water spray, then add the baking powder, vinegar, and lemon juice in it. Spray the sprayer until the ingredients are mixed together. Spray the amount of mixture on the areas of wood to be cleaned, and then leave for ten minutes to interact with the mix, and then use the toothbrush to rub it, and then washed with a wet towel, and then wipe dry towel. Soap dish cleaning Ingredients: Amount of warm water.

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A glass of white vinegar. A little soap cleaning liquid dishes. Method of preparation: Put a quantity of warm water in a bowl. Add soap clean liquid dishes, a cup of vinegar, mix it, then put the sponge in the mix. Wash the cupboards with continuous sponge washing.
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Other ways to clean the kitchen wood Use baking soda: Mix the amount of baking soda with a little water, then use the mix in cleaning the cupboards, to remove the accumulation of grease, then wash it with water, and dry it. Using borax: Mix half a cup of borax to a mixture of vinegar mixed with water, detergent, then put a little on the sponges, wipe the cupboards, then wash them with water, wipe them with a damp cloth, and then dry the cupboards.

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Tips when cleaning kitchen wood Take care of the wooden areas surrounding the handles in the cupboards. Avoid leaving water for a long time on wood, wash it quickly and dry it directly. Clean from bottom to top, to avoid sliding watermarks. Keep away from cleaning the cabinets violently, to avoid scratching. Use a toothbrush to clean corners of the cabinets that are not accessible with regular sponges. Use polished for wood after finishing cleaning, to re-sparkle it. Keep away from using detergents that are not suitable for wood, to avoid damage.

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