Miss Ross are good representatives

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So, Holmes decisively used Brett Favre Jersey Henry to lead the real murderer ... One night, Oliver took a burglary of a mansion under the squeak of Skex. While Oliver was prepared to take the opportunity to climb into the window to report to the owner, was stabbed after the steward found. When the thief fled, the Oliver was thrown into the ditch in the roadside. Oliver crawl in the rain and snow, inadvertently back to the house, faint to the door. The majestic master, Mrs. Meri and her daughter, Miss Rose, shelter and shelter him. It was Oliver's aunt, but neither of them knew it. In the family of Meri, Oliver http://www.authenticnikefalconshop.com/brian-poole-jersey-for-sale-c-26.html really enjoy the warmth and beauty of life. But the fee gold gang can not let Oliver. One day a man named Monks came to Fagin, who was Oliver's half-brother, and because of his filial piety, his father gave all of his legacy to Oliver in his will, unless Oliver and Monks were The same filial children, inheritance can be inherited by Monks. For this reason, Monks bought a high price, asking him to turn Oliver into an incurable criminal, in order to occupy all the legacy of Oliver's name, and to vent his own father's resentment. While Monks was triumphantly talking about how he and the Bumble husband and wife were dismayed and destroyed the only evidence to prove Oliver's Brooks Reed Jersey identity, he was heard by Nancy. Nancy was brave, sympathetic to Oliver's encounter, risking his life, and secretly finding Miss Ross, and told her all about it. While Miss Ross thought about how to act, Oliver told her that he had found Mr. Brownlow. Miss Ross and Brownlo discuss the handling of the method. Miss Ross was next to Bruno to meet again with Nancy, and Brownlo was informed that Monks was his uncle's friend, Edwin Lever's filial son, who decided to find Monks in person, but their conversation was The charges sent by the spies. Sussex murdered Nancy. The death of Nancy made the fugitive gang a disaster. Fagin was arrested, after the gallows, Sikes in the escape in the stumbled by their own rope strangled. At the same time, Monks was hijacked at home by Browns, forcing him out of everything, the truth of the matter, Oliver was Browno for the adopted son, from the end of his suffering childhood. In order to give Monks a new opportunity to give all the inheritance of Oliver inherited half to him. But Monks inferior does not change, the family wealthy exhausted, continue to do evil, was finally jailed, died in prison. Bombour had a great deal http://www.authenticnikefalconshop.com/chris-chester-jersey-for-sale-c-37.htm l of evil, had all the duties, and had been living in poverty and for the rest of his life. In this book, Oliver, Nancy, Miss Ross are good representatives, they are born in the suffering of the dark and full of evil in the world to grow, but in their hearts has always maintained a pure world, A kind heart, all kinds of suffering and can not make them fall or completely degenerate, but also shows that they out of the sludge and not dyed dazzling crystal quality. In the end, the evil is the power of justice to overcome the evil, although Nancy finally killed, but it is her death out of the earth-shattering social justice force, it is her somewhere in the days of the spirit, destined to evil forces On behalf of the charge of the gang of the disaster. So in the novel, Nancy's spirit has been sublimated, Oliver has been a typical sense of good newspaper. And the representatives of the wicked - Fagin, Monks, Bombour, Sikes all come to a tragic end.


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