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Wilson showed me a video of the fight and clarified that nobody on the evolution staff had managed to beat it with routine characters (even though it is possible). On their own, either The Elder or The Shaper is a supervisor that just the most dedicated Path of Exile players may best. Struggling both at precisely the exact same time? All the best. "It's designed for the top, top, high Path of Exile players that don't have jobs and grind all day and everybody else gets to enjoy it via Twitch," Wilson laughs.

Of course, people who do manage to buy Maple story M Mesos beat the fight is going to be rewarded with some exceptionally powerful items. For the rest of us, however we could appreciate heaps of fresh Fated Unique items which can be found via the Prophecy system, which may turn those crap Uniques you've into much more interesting endPOE game versions.

The last big improvement in Bestiary is the overhauled Ascendancy system. These distinctive skill trees were originally designed to bring a bit of special course identity to personalities however, overtime, have dropped a lot of their impact due to new skills and systems being added with every update. "So what we've achieved is fixed them by giving a big balance sweep to buff all of them and also to bring back class identity by coming up with new ideas for those who fit the original motif but done in a means that is exclusive to that ascendancy class," Wilson says.

To demonstrate, Wilson showed me the new Ascendancy tree for Maple Story 2 Mesos its Berserker, a Marauder Ascendancy Class. Berserkers rely on taking damage to cope more harm consequently, but the skills provided by their previous tree could easily be achieved using other skills and systems. The tree, however, uses a particular buff called Rage that's developed solely using the Berserker in your mind.

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