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In Guthix's adventure, you now get three times as much EP as before? For your senior artisans and miners, there are as many as five times as many. Because of graphic modifications, technical improvements and additional access features, there has never been any more exciting or worth telling Juna fairy tales.

If you haven't tried Guthix's tears: it's a good joke, under the bridge of renbridge. You must first complete the short adventure Guthix holes. After that, you can play once a week to win XP rewards for your weakest skills. It is intertwined with the story of RuneScape, a Guthix serpent and servant who tells the story of your adventures at RuneScape, as well as collects short bursts of tears.

The old one of you will notice the complete graphic redesign first.Runescape Gold. Juna now has only a few dimensions, winding through the entrance, listening to your life story, offering a more spectacular view. Now the tears fell from the thick walls, and became a beautiful waterfall, and the light in the cave was shining with a faint light.

In addition , the cave's XP gain has tripled, allowing it to enter a similar game area. However , the biggest prize, the top player dust. Those with mining and also refining at the same level of 80 can make a magnificent and extra-large bowl and get five times as many XP as before.

Also, the technical improvements have been done, so the speed is faster, and the game is better when you switch back tears. The game necklace has been updated so you can send it directly to juna's cave. A new interface also includes shortcuts, so it's easier and faster to use than before.

Whether you're in tears for the first time, a week of ritual, or even waiting for a good reason to return to the deluge, it's the best time to burn Guthix tears.

So you use "Guthix tears":

First, you must complete the adventure of the same name, which requires the following prerequisites:

44 risky points

Level 20 in process

Level 49 in spark

Level 20 mining

Then you can do this occasionally, but each time you have to achieve one of the following goals before you can collect the tears the next time:

1 risk point

100000 XP. These can be arbitrarily assigned to skills.

Other requirements:

To improve the bowl, you need the next minimum requirements. Old School RuneScape Gold.Then you can talk to Juna about starting the process:

Degree 80 in process

A level 80 miners


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