Moses was sentenced to a penalty

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Moses was sentenced to a penalty kick in the restricted area. The penalty for the penalty is controversial, from the slow mirror playback Tanner Glass Jersey, Moses like "diving" suspected, Tottenham fame Wardell said: "the soft penalty. Referee is not really want to blow Dominic Moore Jersey, but the edge of the shake It was not a penalty for me, but Moses pushed the ball over the sun and fell from the top, not the penalty.

In 2011, Degea joined the Manchester United from the Spanish game, but in recent years, the Spanish goalkeeper has always been difficult to completely get rid of the scandal with Real Madrid. 2015, only due to the transfer deadline before the contract text there was a problem, Deheya had not been able to transfer to join Real Madrid; last summer Nick Holden Jersey, the British and Spanish media once again stir the Spanish country landing Bernabeu stadium "heavy Mengliao "; and this year only to April, Deheya is about to visit the Bernabeu Stadium news, once again in the fleet street clamor.

In a local time on Sunday for a Premiership focus in the war, Manchester United home 2-0 win over league leader Chelsea, is the Red Devils coach Mourinho arranged 35-year-old Ibrahimovic for the wall view. The madman has made such an arrangement in such a crucial Premier League because he has moved Manchester United's focus to the UEFA Cup knockout: as long as the UEFA Cup win, the Red Devils will be able to automatically Champions League next season qualifying. In Mourinho's view, to the European Cup defending champion identity into the Champions League next season, the probability of success Josh Jooris Jersey, should be more than the top four in the Premier League this season to be greater.


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