Most are continuing the promises of RS gold

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Tokyo Sexwale, a South African tycoon and politician, and Jerome Champagne, a former FIFA executive from France, are considered outsiders however.All have released manifestos calling for a cleanup at RS gold, reeling from the arrest of top executive members on corruption charges in the United States. But the detail is lacking."The candidates cannot go too far otherwise they will alienate key RS gold voters like in an American election," said Jean-Loup Chappelet, a specialist on sports organisations at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.-

Money talks -"Most are continuing the promises of riches to national members rather than addressing the true, and desperate, challenges that currently FIFA faces for survival," Patrick Nally, a pioneer in international sports marketing, told AFP of the campaign."

They are all playing lip service to the membership and not wanting to be in any way controversial. In effect it is a very dull and very disappointing presidential election with no charismatic leader in sight."Most of the manifestos mirror recommendations made by FIFA's own reform committee which calls for greater transparency."However, there is a difference between highlighting a problem and delivering the solution to the problem."

This is particularly the case in sport, especially in the highly political world of football," said Sean Cottrell, chief executive of the website and a lecturer on sports business in London."Therefore only when someone is elected and the FIFA congress has passed the recommendations, subject to any changes, we will know if they have addressed the real problems


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