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Do you plan to move from one house to another? I know very well that the transfer is not as easy as it looks! Yalit It was possible to pack the entire house and move it as it is for the other house. But let me tell you some super tips that will help you accomplish the transfer easily and successfully.

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First: Research
1. Make your requirements at home (place, space, number of rooms, the right price) and so on so that you do not tire the broker if you like using Smsar or even help yourself if you look in the newspapers.
2. Test the house well according to your requirements and do not rush whether the house rent or ownership because it is not a decision can be taken every day
3. Consult with your mother or your husband or girlfriend and have another eye to see the disadvantages of the house and its features
4. Do not forget to inquire about all the conditions and requirements required by the owner or agreed upon by the neighbors in the building so as not to cause any other problems later.

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Second Decoration
That stage will vary according to the house
1. Decide with your husband Will you give the house to a decorator or choose the shape and organization and you will return to the contractor immediately
2. Start immediately and order an earlier date for the real time you want because most workers do not give reliable dates
3. Follow the workers first so they do not do what you do not like or do not want
4. Begin in the third phase during the last period of labor and before delivery
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Third, the transition
1. Help my friends and relatives because this stage will take a great effort and time
2. Start with what you do not use periodically such as library and travel room. Use two crates, sturdy crates, and two pieces of broken paper with old newspaper or cloth.
3. After that, collect winter clothes if you are in the summer and vice versa, until you leave what you need for another period
4. Then collect the kitchen items and leave the refrigerator and the last dishes for the last days
5. Gather the rest of the house before moving two days
6. Hang up all the stuff once
7. If your new home is close to your old home, you can move things on and off times
8. In the new house, follow the first theory, start with the kitchen and the bedrooms.
9. Start with the season clothes you are wearing so you can use it then with other clothes
10. Finally arrange the library and travel
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I hope that I have provided you with useful tips in the process of moving from your home to another home .. If you have some tips do not hesitate to participate in them.
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