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Mu legend Character Level and Soul Level Guides for beginner

When you are greeted mistreatment the character-selection screen before long when launching the mu legend zen sport, you'll notice that each character has 2 varied levels displayed below its name. alphabetic character Legend has 2 separate leveling systems, the Character Level and Soul Level, that increase severally of 1 another.

Most of all, the Soul Level continues to boost even simply when the Character Level reaches its Georgia home boy, and additionally a personality gains one Soul purpose each single time its Soul Level will increase. you will be ready to use Soul Points to reinforce your stats through the Soul Chest, thus rising your Soul Level is important if you'd wish to possess the strongest accomplishable cheap mu legend zen character.

After within the sport, you're ready to access the Character information window (C) that shows a variety of stats divided into four categories: Attack, Defense, MP and Secondary. lots of ofthe stats displayed here area unit vital in deciding the character's potential, thus you would possibly need to systematically ensure the stats area unit balanced properly.BY here now...come on, thanks!


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