My child would never ever CSGO Skins

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My child would never ever ever ever ever CSGO Skins wear shorts this tight and small ever [sic].'Glikeriya claims she frequently deletes inappropriate comments, and lists 'rules' on Kristina's Facebook page including.

All the content shared on this page should be kid friendly.'Any video or pictures posted here that is not appropriate for Kristina's age will be deleted and whoever posted it will be blocked.' Heinz described Kristina, pictured above at a fashion show, as a 'little supermodel.

Kristina has been doing catwalk shows since she was four and already has a huge social media following but some have expressed fear over the way she is perceived online based on 'sexualised' comments about herRemarking on criticism that her daughter has been sexualised.

Glikeriya said: 'Some years ago I posted a picture of little Kristina on the beach in the Maldives hugging her three soft toys and laughing.'She was holding all her toys in front of her chest and hugging them, and you know what comments I got to this picture?''Oh, she is covering her breasts because she thinks she has something to hide!' Can you believe it? I think people who post something like this have serious psychological problems.' FIFA election globetrotters avoid football's real problems: experts | Daily Mail Online.


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