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This is a question that get researched and asked lot in the teeth whitening industry as customers are seeking to have Hollywood teeth. The teeth are a very complex topic when discussing staining as there is no single element that controls the fact that some individuals will have ultra white teeth and others have a creamy looking coloration but with teeth whitening customers expect to have pearly white teeth that they see on TV Byron Bell Jersey ,Films and the fashion world.

Fundamentally when embarking in teeth whitening there are three things that control how white the teeth will change and whiten these are:

How deep is the staining
How the enamel reacts to the whitening product
The natural colouration of the dentin

So to point number 1 ? how deep is the staining
When someone who is twenty five is embarking on teeth whitening there is a good chance the staining accumulated will not be too deep as at their age it is unlikely staining would have got too deep in to the pores of the enamel. The older we get two things happen, the enamel wears and therefore the teeth become more porous and this allows the teeth to get more stained. The other thing is that build up of staining in the pores eventually compound the staining in the depths of the enamel and then teeth whitening is challenged to remove this particularly in one treatment or session and might take a prolonged approach to remove if at all it can be removed.

Point number 2 ? How the teeth will react to the teeth whitening product
With so many products and services in the market it is difficult for consumers to know what will work for them. A good dentist or teeth whitening professional will have experience to use the best product based on the type of teeth the customer has and also what type of staining and how that staining has been created. Some whitening gels are more effective for extrinsic staining which is normally caused by smoking and cola for example. Deep staining requires a stronger gel which will open the pores and allow the gel to travel deeper to remove staining caused by coffee and tea etc. The home kits available to buy on the internet will have a benefit but for many deep staining the gel is not strong enough to have an impact.

Point number 3 ? The natural colouration of the teeth
Underneath the enamel we have the dentin and ultimately this controls the natural colour of the teeth. Once your adult teeth have developed at the age of 17 to 18 years old then the teeth will be as white as they are likely to be. For young adults who have a yellowish teeth then the likelihood is that the dentin is creamy and this will reflect that through the enamel. Teeth whitening cannot change the colour of the dentin. It will still brighten the teeth but they are never going to ultra white due to this fact. Lifestyle staining will increase the problem and this is really what teeth whitening tackles.
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