Nike’s spiffy-looking hiking boots are designed for urban adventurers

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If you’ve been waiting for Nike to get into the hiking boot game, today just nike shoes clearance sale might be your lucky day. The sports apparel and footwear giant has announced a new line of outdoor-focused shoes under its All Conditions Gear (ACG) brand. The new shoes promise to deliver a high level of performance – even in terrible conditions – with the promise of being equally comfortable on the trail as they are in an urban environment.

nike shoes cheap price Dubbed the ACG Ruckle Ridge, the new hiking shoes are the brainchild of longtime Nike designers Tinker Hatfield and Aaron Cooper. The boots take inspiration from the company’s long history of creating trail running shoes. The design elements that have proven useful in trail running served as the launching pad for the Ruckle Ridge.

nike air max 97 mens uk sale Cooper has indicated that the idea behind these shoes came while he was converting an old mountain bike into a touring bike, using parts from the original design for use on the road. He then wondered why he couldn’t do the same thing with footwear to create a shoe that was equally ideal for running in the city as it would be hiking on trails in the mountains. From that idea the Ruckle Ridge was born.

nike air max 97 womens uk sale The inspiration for creating the new shoes didn’t end there. Cooper also spotted mountain goats wandering high in the mountains in Glacier National Park and began exploring how those creatures were able to move so well even on the sides of sheer cliffs. He discovered that a mountain goat’s hooves are softer in the middle and more rigid on the outside, giving them more flexibility and grip. That same idea was then brought to the Ruckle Ridge, which has a soft, sticky substance on its inner sole, while the rubber that surrounds it is more akin to that found on a road running shoe. The result is better traction, even on wet, slippery surfaces.


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