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Did Erwin foul when the game was 8 to 5? [b] Nike Stefan Janoski[/b]
In the game 10 points, 34 in 9 minutes and 56 seconds, James breaks through into slag scum, is there a problem? In 9 minutes, 51 seconds, the center line of the ball, Thompson dribbling, shipped off the blow? 9 minutes and 11 seconds. Can a Jr break be fouled? Now the game is 16 to 5.8 [b] Nike Roshe Run slip[/b]
minutes and 51 seconds, and Erwin has fouled under the slag basket. 7 minutes and 54 seconds, Loew made clay foul, two goals, a problem? At this point, 21 to 9, 7, 51 seconds, pass in the library, Green, fault, rider? 7 minutes and 29 seconds, Green breaks TT foul. Green also pushed [b] Nike Roshe Run One Flyknit[/b]TT with his hand. The score was 24 to 11! [b] Nike Kwazi [/b] 6 points 54 James promotion Green thugs problem? 6 minutes and 05 seconds, Green breakthrough, want to cause TT foul, TT standing outside the circle, hands holding high, [b] Nike Zoom Train Action [/b]
did not succeed, this should blow? The score was 27 to 13. 6 minutes and 01 seconds long behind the foul James Loew curry shouldn't blow? [b] Nike Flyknit5[/b]
5 minutes and 46 seconds, James breakthrough by Green interference, the referee did not play TT, rebound, Erwin scored 29 to 13. 5 points 27 Durant [b] Nike Air Max Shoes [/b]
pass is disturbed, this ball foul play? Fouls in 5 minutes and 13 seconds. 4 minutes and 44 seconds, Erwin breaks through Durant, and Durant's goons don't count foul? [b] Nike Shoes[/b]
4 28 Durant Jefferson destroyed the ball foul? The warriors, Green, James, the break, foul? 4 25 Durant jumper Thompson foul blow, 20,4 score of 30 minutes and 13 seconds James back to the elder brother a problem? 4 minutes and 10 seconds to grab[b]Nike Air Max [/b]
offensive rebounds Jefferson problem? 4 minutes and 01 seconds by Jefferson Klein foul problems? Break the clay stand in the circle should not blow the defensive foul, 3 minutes and 34 seconds, Durant hit the three score of 31 to 25.2 by Jefferson foul 50 seconds you can see the library[b]Nike Air max 2017[/b]
Paowei fell repeatedly he tripped over the score score of 34 to 27 warriors. 2 minutes and 36 seconds with the Jiefosenbu brother foul 2 minutes and 21[b]Buy Nike Air Max Shoes [/b]
seconds long Tekuli pull Loew shampoo no foul? 2 minutes, 02 seconds, back run, Delong infection, hit the body? The blow? 1 minutes and 55 seconds, Green fall turn incense, Potter should not blow? Then see Cole is complaining about the referee blew a technical foul, curry 1 minutes and 46 [b]Air Max 90[/b]
seconds long dribbling mistakes blame the referee did not blow foul in the back in curry and xiangbote ruled that the referee did not blow down blame? 1 minutes and 44 seconds, Mcgee doesn't deserve a foul, does he? Durant's one minute pass was disturbed and broken. Should he [b] Cheap Nike Aair Max [/b]
play foul? His defense is Longde with 46 Jefferson scores than the 29. game 21 seconds Curitiba basket as a foul, foul 3 seconds James impact basket score of [b] Nike Air Max 90 [/b]
49 to 33 in the first quarter after, tell me where is the problem of Loew also said foul curry paralysis is really awesome
Let's stick, don't pull the other useless, the universe you Yong, before you ride, what kind of invincible didn't care, just say it was completely broken compels the game [b]Shoes Air Max[/b]
to whistle cut directly, dilute broken. Some comrades may be blind or deliberately blind, talking about a few fouls, a few miscarriages of justice, ye really happy, what is the main [b]Nike Air max[/b] problem? On both sides of the scale is not uniform, Yong Fu can learn to point? Take the knife is right on the opposite side of the crime, can master all directly on the axe can do?Ride tight, do not pull, useless, just step on the [b] Air Max[/b]
horse, admit how can I[b] Nike Free Huarache [/b]
? How do you laugh at the kings fans without watching other people play on the lake? The three consecutive championships that people take care of are not forced Now, no dynasty? Or the pattern of Tucson broken ah, net whole virtual head Baba brain.
You said the League didn't play games? [b] Nike Shopping Nike Air Max[/b] Fuck, don't just turn black history also took the opposite team, now let bygones be bygones? The Double Flag slips like the umpire.Now that the Lakers are the same as the [b]Buy Nike Air Max Shoes Shopping[/b]
knight and picked the dynasty, so guess alliance will not take care of? Guess what the Lakers won, king? As for the final, we can only say that history is repeating itself P.S. Yong MI, do not refuse, and reason is [b] Nike outlet [/b]
much worse than you have gone, and do not have the Western champion compensation? How many people have ever won, you see Peja, Webb took? Contentment.
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