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Have been nearly half a year of continuous work,[b] Nike Stefan Janoski[/b]I feel I am not myself. shift, really hurt the body. When the night shift a guest over said to change the room, the room is not clean. He said I was on the surface of [b] Nike Roshe Run slip[/b]smile and ask the guest where not clean ah, actually I was thinking of you crazy ah, do not sleep at night. My pleasure to the results of guests said [b] Nike Free Huarache [/b]he heard someone in the toilet coin sound sleep in the room, is from time to time with the coin rotating noise. When the assistant manager along with the guests went back[b]Nike Air Max [/b]and said no problem, but the guests insisted on to change the wards. Later guest baggage forgot. Let's help him to go to bed, the concierge ran so I'm going to get results[b]Nike Air max 2017[/b] in the room, I heard the fucking coins on the floor of the sound, and the rustling sound of footsteps, then Scared, take something and ran for second days, the engineering department to check no problem, [b]Buy Nike Air Max Shoes [/b]really hell. Yes, it is between Weifang.
Another is in the middle of[b]Air Max 90[/b]
the night, want to go to the presidential suite prompted by a sudden impulse to see, and then entered the room card when inserting the door open. When wandering[b] Cheap Nike Aair Max [/b] inside the room suddenly off, was really scared not paralysis, hundreds of flat room black to dark, open mobile phone lighting ran from memory the door ran the door [b] Nike Air Max Shoes [/b]or closed! Ran out back all wet, wanted to see the monitor, but the procedure is too cumbersome, to have reasonable grounds and approved by the assistant manager. [b] Nike Air Max 90 [/b] The personal guess is that magnetic door at the end of the presidential suite is not enough, then when you close the door to the shock of contact the real power card and the result. It followed the big night into the president did not dare to set up.
There is a big night [b]Shoes Air Max[/b]
before there is a guest in the suite upstairs the suite is very noisy, loud, loud he couldn't sleep, we request wards or to negotiate, so I went to the room door, open the door after leaving very little [b]Buy Nike Air Max Shoes Shopping[/b]gap, a strong man, naked upper body is that a tattoo, asked me what happened, I take a peek inside looks like a lot of people, there are people kneeling, [b] Nike Shopping Nike Air Max[/b]with the society of affray that scene, I was scared to say anything away (I am timid), to just compile two sentences (Q he is not ready to order or the like) ran away, [b] Nike outlet [/b]and then go back to report to the assistant manager, and finally to the guest wards, who made up this kind of thing.
There is also a guest, next to the suite is noisy, we went to see the next, it is very noisy, it is estimated that in the opening party. Some people sing, and some people are calling, it is estimated to play Hi, and we are calling or knocking, there is no response, there is no way to change[b] Nike Shoes[/b] the room to the guests. The second day after the check-out guests sister to clean up, found something like a curling foil, I let a glove sister take these things lost (gloves later lost), the room is also a smell, can not say it, anyway, very sick, those things can not touch, here to say a word, something in the hotel, can do the best, because you never know your room on a guest room in the end what to do. Generally speaking, some [b] Air Max[/b]
money addicts still prefer to take drugs in the hotel, because they are more private and they can do it. These things, even if I see more at the hotel, I also feel sick, in short, [b]Nike Air max[/b]do not touch.
Later, when I found the [b] Nike Zoom Train Action [/b]signs in the room, I first told the room elder sister to pay attention to safety, the room needs special cleaning, and then notify the duty lobby assistant, told him about [b] Nike Flyknit5[/b]the situation. It concerns all aspects of the hotel. It must be decided by the leadership, and it is my duty to serve as an ordinary employee. This police must not be an individual to report, the hotel [b] Nike Kwazi [/b]as a main body, there are processes ready to report the matter. As for how to call the police, contact whom, how to contact and express, the hotel also has its own way of dealing with and relations, these are not my ordinary staff can control, I can [b] Nike Roshe Run One Flyknit[/b] only do their own thing. Here, a friend who is about to enter the hotel to work is required to act calmly. In the hotel, the most important thing is to learn how to protect yourself. I know that one of the hotel's colleagues ended up resigning from his hotel because he had called the police on the matter and was threatened with reprisals.

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