The old school RUNESCAPE celebrates a million players!

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More than a million retro game enthusiasts have registered RUNESCAPE Jagex, the old school for the 2007 edition of the popular adventure game RUNESCAPE, which has been released this year. More than 450, 000 fans voted for an old-school version.

Jagex also gives players the chance to vote on any upcoming updates before they can enter the game. In the landslide vote, the community has announced the release of the "Dungeon of Gods Wars" at the old school's RuneScape. Runescape 2007 Gold.This version introduces a new era in monster hunting and group games. With four new boss - library Tours, sass, qi mariana commander, general gamla dole and kerry ara - players have access to the legendary excalibur, this is the most powerful weapons in the old school in RuneScape. In addition , there are brand new melee and warrior armour, as well as fresh advanced weapons such as the cane of death or the Armadyl crossbow.

'it's an absolute milestone, ' says Phil Mansell, the executive producer of RuneScape. 'it's the Old School RuneScape that broke the million mark in such a short time. '"If a player wants to succeed in the new content as well as beat the gods, then they must be firm and persistent. But the rewards will be the wildest dreams of the actual fans. "


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