Omega Prestige System Detailed, Launching August 31st

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The Marvel Heroes Omega site has been updated with a look at the forthcoming Omega Prestige system, a way to "unlock the true potential of a hero" and to get players prepped for upcoming "challenging end-game content". According to the post, this is an extension of the current Prestige system but will be limited to select heroes, at least for the time being. The first hero eligible for Omega Stature will be Spider-Man.

With the Omega Prestige System, players will unlock:

a pair of new traits

ultimate cooldown reduction

Omega Prestige "glow"

Omega Prestige badge

Omega Prestige flourish

The new traits with regard to Spider-Man are unlocked at OP Rank 1 .Cheap RS Gold. One is called Omega Brawler which adds one to Strength and Fighting each time players increase Omega Esteem. The other skill is the Omega Agility trait that adds 10 to Defense as well as Dodge, again every time he levels Tissot Prestige Ranks.


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