Opening the second half with Juan La

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Opening the second half with Juan La - Domingos replaced Luís Carlos Correia Pinto, 45 seconds Houlukasi Road Direct, Jonathan left the restricted area outside the instep of his right foot lob was flapping. Fa Jier 47 minutes left 45 fifa 17 ios coins degrees, restricted the right of Jonathan Chan She volley side kick. 49 minutes Alves on the right was the top pass out, Iniesta left the restricted area before the right foot volley kick biased.

51 minutes Louis - Suarez restricted the right of cross-knock after continuous spike get rid of the two, Ali Bath grab Sandro kick in the air in front complete siege. 54 minutes Messi Road cross, Alba left the restricted area after the plug cross knock, Louis - Suarez outflank break was blown offside. Depor Lewis - Alberto replaced Jonathan, even after 59 minutes Messi had two restricted the right foot Tui kick fifa 17 pc coins high.

62 minutes Messi cross, Rakitic restricted right-foot strike the right front left corner of the goal. 2-0, Barcelona to expand the advantage, Rakitic broke the league this season for the first time! Tai raid 66 minutes Messi Road Closed Road left foot shot, the ball was back shovel out, Barcelona Sandro replaced by Munir.

70 minutes Messi Road Direct, Suarez restricted the right foot low shot was rushed. Laure kick 71 minutes behind Suarez was booked, Barca's comeback with Roberto replaced Rakitic. 74 minutes Miguel - Cardoso closed arc right foot shot, the fifa 17 ps coins ball hit the crossbar bounced back inside the refractive inside Lucas blank range header to break a small restricted area but offside. BY here now... come to futshop for more news fifa!


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