packaging and unloading

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packaging and unloading

Work on the packaging and unloading at least two days before the transfer: After sorting and inventory of materials, put them in the balls and bags, and it is important to clean these materials and packaging can break them well. If you have some or some newspapers or newspapers, or cloth cutters, you can collect all the clothes in the bags so you do not have to move a lot of bags.
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And write a note on each carton and a bag containing and quantity,? If they contain valuable and fragile objects, make a reference to that, preferably by moving them yourself.

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4 large pieces: large pieces of furniture. Prefer what you can break the jaw of cutting. Such as doors and doors.

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However, it is important to note the quality of the furniture. If it is made of good, strong wood, and it holds the jaw and the installation for more than one time, there is nothing wrong with that, but if it is difficult to install it again.
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5 - Refrigerator and contents: Limit the contents of the refrigerator, and what is valid for several days, and will quickly spoil, and get rid of it, either by consumption, or by giving to some relatives or friends, and this is better than losing, and when moving the refrigerator, preferably moved vertically, to maintain as much as possible to Place the refrigerant inside.

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6 When moving to the new house: Start by installing the large pieces, and arranged, such as cupboards, cupboards, and bedroom, and then produce the balls and bags according to the notes recorded and distributed to the rooms, as it will need patience and time to deal with, and redistribute and arrange as desired.

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