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I did also manage to get hold of the limited edition Valentine’s gift packaging along with this purchase, which was rather exciting! I was on holiday in Brighton a couple of weeks ago for my anniversary and this purchase will be a lovely souvenir of that weekend away. The first thing to note about this bead is that it is not a new design; it is exactly the same in style as the 2017 Pink pandora charms outlet canada, with the pretty heart-shaped CZs tucked away into the glass. This version offers a bit more of a vibrant punch of colour compared to the previous murano’s baby pink shade; it would be nice to see some more shades with the heart CZs.

I previously stated that I was going to try and be more selective about what I add to my collection this year (yes, we will see how that goes . I have always loved pandora bracelet canada sale glass beads, and this seems a good staple solid-colour bead to add to my collection, and to Pandora’s overall selection of murano glass itself, the little hearts offering that cute touch without detracting from its versatility. Plus, I knew exactly where I was going to put it!The colour is a lovely deep cerise, more of a rich wine colour than pink exactly. It’s feminine, but less soft than lighter shades, offering a little drama; something of a compromise between the baby pinks of previous Valentine’s collections and many collectors’ requests for some more dramatic Valentine’s reds, perhaps.

I’ve heard from several readers that there is some variation between examples in terms of colour, with some being deeper and more vibrant than others. When I looked in store, they were all much of pandora rings canada sale when it came to the colour, but my store probably just got a similar-looking batch.There was the usual variation in size, however, and the one I ended up with is probably a little on the skinny side, on balance. I’d probably swap it for a bigger one if I had the chance again, as I feel its slimness detracts from the impact of the colour a little.


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