Pandora charm will be sold

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A variety of gift set previews! I don’t have pricing for many of these, and some of the images are tad on the low res side, so this is more a sneak peek than a preview proper. In the US, the first gift set to show you is the Kiss Me bangle set, which will include the pandora charms pas cher, a silver bangle and a pair of earrings. The set is accompanied by a pink make-up bag.

That the charm will be sold in a special box for a limited amount of time. The pandora bague pas cher in question for this collection are the Pandora Club 2018 bead and the Kiss More, the latter being sold with a red lip bag.In Canada, there will be two jewellery gift sets. The Tree of Love will include two of the new Valentine’s Explosion of Love clips and the new Tree of Love charm on the silver heart clasp bracelet. It’s hard to make out the details on any of these.

The Stacked Open pandora charms soldes set. The picture is only low res, and it’s hard to make out the details, but it looks like you get two open bangles, a pair of earrings, the Shape of Love charm and then your choice of one of two silver heart pendant designs. These look to be versions of the usual engravable heart dangle, but I can’t see what’s written on either!


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