PANDORA Jewelry Announces "DO"

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n celebration of the Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Pandora Rings Cheap Christmas PANDORA proudly launches "DO", a new multifaceted campaign that will inspire women to be true to themselves and what they believe in. The global, colorful campaign centers on inspiring a new strength and determination to be honest about who you are and what life means to you. Through this, PANDORA Jewelry enables women to express their style, celebrate their life and relive a feeling. Women should feel proud to wear PANDORA jewelry, as not only a style statement, but a symbol of something "bigger."

Pandora Rings Rose Gold Cheap Christmas "PANDORA is a brand rooted in transparency, offering authenticity and dedication in our actions for bettering ourselves and others," explains Minna Philipson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at PANDORA. "The DO campaign and our new collection celebrate and bring this ethos to the forefront, ensuring that together, we are doing what is true to us."

This dedication to authenticity begins with the crafting of the jewelry. PANDORA began manufacturing jewelry in Thailand in 1989 when Per Enevoldsen, PANDORA's founder and a goldsmith by trade,Pandora Rings Christmas Sale Christmas set up the foundation for the company's crafting facilities. Later this month, PANDORA will officially open its new crafting facility in Lamphun, Northern Thailand which will be one of the most modern and environmentally up-to-date jewelry crafting facilities in the world.

Encompassing dynamic activations across multiple platforms, the DO campaign features inspiring personalities such as Mamé Adjei, female entrepreneur and reality star. Mentoring young women, pursuing humanitarian work or leading a business, the energetic women introduced in the new campaign embody what DO is all about – doing what you feel is worthwhile, aided by the confidence found through a unique PANDORA style.

Pandora Rings Clearance Sale Christmas "Our Spring/Summer 2017 collection pieces are bright, versatile and strong like women," says Stephen Fairchild, Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at PANDORA. "Each piece of jewelry stands for something positive that women can admire and believe in, in terms of roots, actions and aesthetics. What they choose says something about them."


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