the Patriots badly needed to upgrade

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Ten years ago this week, the 2007 New Great britain Patriots took to the field for the first time and lost 13-10 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their preseason opener. They lost the following week to the Tennessee Titans before winning their final two preseason games, all 16 regular-season contests and their first two postseason matchups. After 20 consecutive Patriots victories, the new York Giants narrowly topped Bill Belichick's team to win one of the most dramatic Super Bowls in little league history.

The 2007 Patriots were not perfect. These folks were, however, the most fascinating and compelling football team of the 21st century. They raised the hallway on what we believed a professional attack could accomplish, expecting an offensive future for which they drew up the construction plans. They fundamentally attractive apart old touchstones about how to win games and raised questions about whether they did so with acceptable behavior. Perhaps most importantly, the events of that 2007 season immediately and irreparably changed the way we view the Pats and the key personnel involved with that team in ways that still resonate and recur a decade later.

This week, I'm going to take a look back at that 2007 Patriots team in two parts. On Tuesday, I'm going to break down how they made their mark on little league history in terms of football performance on the field. On Friday, I'll cheap basketball jerseys cross over to discuss the bigger picture and what that meant outside of the whistles and off the field.

There are plenty of ways to read the ncaa basketball jersey events of that year, a season recent enough to feature several still active players (such as Tom Brady) yet dated enough to come from a moment in time when some AMERICAN FOOTBAL games still weren't being broadcast in high-definition.

The 2006 Patriots were a hugely successful disappointment. From a 12-4 campaign, the Pats blew out the new York Jets in the AFC wild-card round before needing a remarkable fumble recovery on their own fourth-and-5 interception to launch their comeback victory over the San diego Chargers. New Great britain then went up 21-3 over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC title game before throwing out that lead and losing 38-34, with Peyton Manning turning the tables and handing Brady just his second postseason loss in 14 games.

Popular perception at the time suggested that the Patriots badly needed to upgrade Brady's guns. Belichick had traded disgruntled wideout Deion Branch to the Seahawks for a first-round pick in September, leaving the cupboard bare at individual. New England's starting wideouts at different times included role players and backups signed from other teams, such as Reche Caldwell, Doug Gabriel and Jabar Gaffney. Second-round pick Chad Jackson tore his ACL during the AFC World-class Game. The only wideout making much more than the veteran's minimum was 35-year-old video slot receiver Troy Brown, who started nine games after moving to a reserve role and taking snaps on defense in 2004.

The Pats were more heavily invested at tight end and running back, where they had used first-round choices on Benjamin Watson and college basketball jerseys Laurence Maroney, but they were in cross over at both positions. Both Daniel Graham and Corey Dillon left during the 2007 offseason. Gabriel (cut during college football jersey 2006) and Caldwell (released during training camp) left town and were out of football by 2007, and Brown tore his patellar tendon and played one more AMERICAN FOOTBAL game before retiring. Jackson missed most of the 2007 season with his knee injury, and he found themselves catching only one more pass in the AMERICAN FOOTBAL.


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