Patriots' wrestlers looking for mat experience this season

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Patriots' wrestlers trying to choose mat experience this season atriots' wrestlers locating mat experience this seasonAmerican Heritage High School wrestling coach Gary Sherman has used the phrase"The not so great Bears" Among the themes when describing the makeup of his team. The Patriots certainly have an underdog mentality after assembling a roster with several middle school students.

Under Florida graduation Athletic Association guidelines, American Heritage in Plantation is one of a few high school teams in Broward County with junior high school students competing at the varsity level. The Patriots are a young boy real fast, With a few of their athletes squaring off against older, Bigger and more capable competitors.

Paul Padron, Paul Weisberg, Jeff hemp, Matthew Marzan, Bennett Marzan and Zach Sherman are all getting a taste of the contests of competing at the varsity level in the early stages of their careers.

"We have some new wrestlers that barely have four weeks of expertise and are paying their dues by being thrown into varsity competition, Replied Gary Sherman, Daddy of Zach. "If they keep working at it, I am sure they will build up into fine wrestlers,

The lightest graduation weight class is 103 pounds, Which poses difficult for Sherman and Padron, Which have been listed at 75 pounds and 88 pounds, Respectively.

"They're young in age and physically your childhood stand ards Sterling Shepard jersey, Quite wars and are fierce levels of competition who are to their limits, Gary mentioned. "We will make a judgment call on a match by match basis as to for sure if it is reasonable for them to compete,

Padron has medaled previously in several judo and ju jitsu contests, But an even stiffer challenge awaits him on the fumbling mat as an eighth grader at the varsity level.

"It is often a challenge, And it gets tough facing someone more aged and bigger in size, Padron acknowledged. "It's pretty amazing and fun when it's possible to to pin them. It's exciting and awesome to be on the c's. I like wrestling due to adrenaline rush,

The 12 years old Sherman, That has wrestled since age 6, Enjoyed instant success with a 4 0 record in his varsity wrestling debut in the Iron Colt Duals Tournament at Coral Springs highschool.

Almond, Who played on the offensive and defensive lines for the junior high school football team, Is in his first year fumbling in the 152 pound class.

"This may pretty new for me, But the coaches were great, And I feel I provide for the talent john jerry jersey, Rice supposed. "I constantly work on softening in practice by doing a lot of cardio, Crunches and pushups. Photograph able to hold my own. We will be superior to most teams in the coming years because we are starting at a younger age. It really is an enjoyable experience,

Matthew Marzan, Who played middle linebacker on the junior high school football team, Joined the wrestling team after hearing about the particular during a practice earlier in the season.

"I think play fighting is tougher than football, Marzan thought. "It's a lot more health, And you have to be quick straight away or you'll be thrown on your back. The older kids on the team have solved the problem. I'm enjoying have the opportunity to compete in tournaments,

The Patriots' education staff, This includes head coach David Wilder and assistant Matt Burnett, Has put together a demanding schedule in order for the inexperienced members of the team to be battle tested as soon as possible with preparations for the State Tournament Series in February.

Quicker this season, The Patriots finished in second place in the Patriot Revolt Preseason event Classic. Fresh, Their squad was among 27 contributing teams in the O'Town Showdown in Orlando, Which featured several across the country ranked squads

American Heritage also competed against some of Broward's top teams in the Iron Colt Duals contest.

"We had our lumps and been struggling and bruised, Gary described. "It has been a chance to learn. We have showed improvement and determination that is necessary in the future. The near future looks bright, Not only because the positive attitude and determination exhibited by the high schoolers Paul Perkins Jersey, But the junior high school age kids on the team are garnering serious attention already at the high school level,


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