Polyester Yarn DTY also choose light net products

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Knitted veil products: for knitted veil products, the general uniformity of the yarn tension, yarn bundling uniformity, DTY Polyester Yarn dyeing uniformity requirements are higher, AA grade products if the level of color determination, dyeing uniformity will be slight Color, dyed gray and other high-demand color is difficult to pass, and with machine number products in the production process are carried out filtering, dyeing, tension and bundles can be favorable protection, so in the choice of knitted veil need to choose with machine Products, while knitted products such as Nike and other brand-name products, the end of yarn also need to use machine with machine products, veil need to use AAA grade products.

Width width: flat weaving products According to the use of different customers in the design of the door to take the way is not the same, usually 120CM, 165CM and 200CM as the boundaries, respectively, narrow, conventional width and width products, There is a certain difference between the raw materials, wide products, the majority of the density is relatively high, weaving speed is relatively slow, the choice of warp network can not be too light, try to choose a higher network fastness products; weft selection is also recommended to choose with network products or Low F products.

Warp knitting and coating with the difference between raw materials: warp knitting raw materials on the yarn bundle demanding, relatively large tension, the higher requirements of the wool, so the choice of FDY should choose more network products (usually 10 / CM or more) , Polyester Yarn DTY also choose light net products, wrapped with raw materials when the requirements of the yarn loose fluffy, the tension is relatively small choice of non-net products, machine bag raw materials need to twist, the requirements of high hair, choose less F products And with pre-net products.

In the production of flags and other fabrics may need to use low-elastic silk sizing after the warp, in the choice of raw materials need to choose the same specifications less F products or less hair, with machine number products, that is, dyeing needs Up to 4.5 requirements. Conventional low elastic yarn only 4 level dyeing, yarn bundling, dyeing performance can not meet the requirements. 8, air or twist silk need to note: air modified silk or twisted silk if the choice of FDY raw materials need to pay attention to, because the nature of raw materials and oil directly affect the processing effect, before use to confirm and evaluate.


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