reduce the cost of sand making production

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Sand making machine is our company introduced advanced crusher principle and technology, combined with the actual situation in the production of domestic sand production, the development of high efficiency lithotripsy equipment. Sand making machine is widely used for crushing and fining of various hard and brittle materials such as rock, abrasive, refractory, cement clinker, quartz stone, iron ore, concrete aggregate and so on. It is especially suitable for sand and road building with sand and sand.

Sand making machine is an important equipment of sand, the production of fine quality equipment, to provide high-quality raw materials for the production of construction and other industries, but any equipment is necessary to maintain, if the equipment is in the humid air and no reasonable maintenance will be easy to rust corrosion, which can cause certain effect the life of the equipment, influence and operation cost of the equipment, so how to prevent corrosion of sand making equipment in the production line? First of all, the production cost of sand making machine is relatively high. Once the corrosion occurs in the process of use, it will take a lot of cost to maintain the equipment. The chemical corrosion of sand making machine is mainly determined by the factors such as temperature, lubrication, acid stability and friction. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent corrosion of equipment in the production line from these aspects.

Have a great relationship with the corrosion phenomenon of sand making machine environment, if the climate is complex, requires timely to all parts of the equipment is coated with a layer of anticorrosion material to prevent corrosion of equipment is received, which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of equipment corrosion, help reduce the frequency of maintenance equipment needs in the production line, it is helpful to reduce the maintenance cost of equipment. The other is the process of sand making equipment in the production of machine-made sand in by friction, long time on some components and the air inside the friction surface will be the occurrence of a series of electrochemical action, leading to the corrosion of the equipment, with all equipment to prevent corrosion phenomenon from the working process of the equipment but also by the friction effect.


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