RuneFest '17 - Old School RuneScape Interview

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Since something of an oddity in today's world of AAA MMORPGs, Old School Runescape doesn't always have the credit it ought to get. Taking an old replicate of the Runescape legacy of music code, Jagex resurrected a long forgotten planet. Now this old doggy is about to show down some fancy fresh tricks. Alongside several incredible new tasks, raid reworks, as well as the Theatre of Our blood, Cheap Runescape 3 Gold,Old School Runescape is rushing in to mobile. Afterwards this year fans regarding vintage Runescape are able to keep on fishing out and about, pick a fight with all the village idiot, or perhaps keep on raiding. We got some time to talk with John Colgrave from Runefest about what is new in Runescape Old School.


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