Runescape dev builds 'World 666' to celebrate decade-old glitch massacre

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Today Runescape developer Jagex added a new world to Runescape Old School, World 666, as a tongue-in-cheek celebration of an infamous glitch that caused several players to go on an in-game player-killing spree 10 years ago.

It's a nice example of how a developer might create in-game ui events and locations that celebrate its community of gamers, even if the players in question are mostly remembered for taking advantage of a glitch that let them kill other players in supposedly "safe" zones where PvP combat was forbidden.

Sometimes known as the 6/6/6 glitch since it occurred between June 6-7 of 2006, the "Falador Massacre" saw players who had been taking part in combat arenas inside a player-owned house party booted out of the house by the server --Buy RS 3 Gold, while retaining the ability to engage other players within combat anywhere in the world.

Some players took advantage of this bug to travel to in-game cities like Falador and go on player-killing sprees, which eventually led to Runescape mods stepping in to fix the blemish and ban some of the players.

Ten years later, those Runescape Old-school players participating in World 666 were teleported to a special event inside Falador to commemorate the 6/6/6 glitch. Runescape Old School, of course , being the legacy version of Runescape that Jagex has been running on multiple servers since 2013.


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