Runescape game causing heat issues

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I'm having a problem with the MMORPG, Runescape, on my system and hoping someone can help me figure out the issue.

The heat censors on my case aren't attached correctly, OSRS Gold for Sale,so they don't give accurate readings, but they still technically work and the system normally stays at roughly 30 degrees C.

I can play games like Fallout 4 on max graphics without a problem, the hottest the PC has EVER gotten while playing After effects 4 is 32c after a 12 straight hour binge of playing.

However , the moment I log into the Runescape launcher, my fan kicks on and the heat starts rising, it usually hits 40C in about 5 minutes and remains right at 38-40 no matter how long I play, and the fan whirs pretty loudly the entire time too. It doesn't matter if I'm on max or minimum graphics, the rate at which my PERSONAL COMPUTER gains heat is the same.

I've gone through steps to fix common problems with the game,,deleting the cache, re-installing the actual launcher and setting it up so that java runs off my RAM instead of my CPU.

When only Runescape is running on my PC, task manager has my cpu/ram at 15 - 20% (where as Results 4 sits in around 75 - 80% ram without this issue).


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