RuneScape launched a creepy Halloween event

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Today's darkness is the Gielinor of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, as both mmorpgs are haunted by creepy Halloween party events. In Gielinor's ghost story, RuneScape's players will experience horror stories and collect them in scary world of warcraft. Can the old RuneScape players escape jonas, a hockey adventurer who misses kierlin?

The story of Gielinor's Ghost Stories is written by RuneScape's players as well as developers.Runescape 2007 Gold .Get ready for an awkward journey and start with a mysterious number called "closing". If you're brave enough to collect stories, you can bundle them and unlock a new makeup as a souvenir for Halloween: "headless horsemen. "

On Friday the 13th, RuneScape, an old school, was abandoned when a masked man was seen in the free area of the game. The shy jonas was making a victim. Successful participants will get the jonas' mask and change their character's skin tone to "zombie blue".


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