Runescape is the most popular game of 2009

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RuneScape, a browser-based scrolling game, arrives at Yahoo! The top 10 list of all search terms ranked 10th, so 2009 was the most popular video game in yahoo's network.

The online game Runescape has been a massive phenomenon for years. Cheap RS Gold.The world records of Jagex co., LTD., the world's most popular free Play MMORPG, has been developed for three times in a row. Again, yahoo underlined the continuing interest in the top 10 list.

How many users actually participate in Runescape is problematic. However , the official statement of millions of registered players is difficult to understand due to the difficulty associated with multiple accounts. Each time there are nearly 170 servers that can accommodate 2, 000 adventurers, there is only room for 350, 000 players. Runescape will not appear in the top listing of other search engines.


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