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Looking for a rooted active clan. I enjoy everything in Runescape except skill grinding. Need a clan with over 150+ (ACTIVE) users. I enjoy PVM even though I'm quite terrible but I'm willing to learn. My total level is 2550 and my best gear is T70 defence and T85 weapons. I like to be random and sometimes require help in achieving my goals. The current group i'm in isn't the most active but more than anything only a few if any ever talk/respond. Ideally when going to do an activity I'd like to be able to just hit up the clan chat and immediately have someone respond yes/no, Runescape 2007 Gold,let's go do that or maybe some other time. Most of my childhood friends have moved on from this game, but i'm still around. #nofriends

A list of things I've been trying to do with no success.

Beastmaster- I've killed him a few times but so far I'm on a 3x failure streak (current tribe full team). Failing organic and not being able to kill this thing has literally made me depressed. Going to see a therapist soon

Wildywyrm - Nobody seems to be aware that these guys possess populated every world and are walking dollar signs. Give me a 10 person team and we'll bump arraxor off #1 best ways to make money.

Social team pking- The pixelated version of knocking back a few beers with the boys and goin' huntin.Deadman Gold. Miss the days were you could call up a small squad and yell "Fall In! ", then go scouring the wilderness in search of your prey. I realize this is 2017scape and the wilderness is mostly barren, but i'm telling you now I have seen people out there just bankstanding and chillin like they aint even scared.


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