Runescape takes 15 many years to use Java for your NXT engine

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Jagex MMO has several times the drawing range, the surface effect and also the dynamic light plus shadow

Jagex changed distinguishly its long-running MMORPG Runescape with a new images engine.

The internet browser title was launched within 2001 and is constantly on the render its THREE DIMENSIONAL world in Espresso.

NXT as a brand new framework is known as including many visual effects and even making the game a typical installer - instead of running the client inside the browser.

The impact from the new water, powerful lighting and covering, improved performance together with elongation of sketching distance is a number of times further.

Over two years,Deadman Gold, the NXT has added support with regard to Windows 10 and DirectX 12.

Jagex says it will still expand the motor, using higher quality textures, normal mapping, volume lighting as well as smoother animation from the works.


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