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RuneScape has been around for quite some time, and with that comes a great respect for the fans that helped them get this far. To that end, they’re not above asking fans for help when certain matters arise, and this is certainly one of those times. As the future of inventions is apparently at stake in RuneScape! And you as fans can help the development team work out what to do next, how to guide the flow of technology, and of course, think of new and unique ideas for what should be made for the game next.

Basically, the RuneScape team are thinking about “bleeding edge of Gielinorian tech” and know that fans have been asking for extensions of this and the Invention skill in the game for a while. So , they’re giving you the chance to voice your thoughts and opinions. Buy RS 3 Gold,They want you to help them guide the path, and outline the entire plan in the video below.

Now, the team does have ideas on what Batch 2 will offer, but they’d like some assurances that you’ll like what they announce. For example , Batch to as it stands at this moment will include: rewards and benefits for reaching higher levels, new 99+ devices that players can get, machines that will help in simple tasks, and quality of life improvements.

If you have an idea or device that you think would work well within one, some, or all of those parameters, Cheap Runescape Gold,then send it to the team via the RuneScape forum. Outline its name, its purpose, and how it’s used. If it’s good, the team will totally use it. So put your thinking caps on!


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