The RuneScape user has exceeded 200 million free forms of surviving MMO

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According to the latest reports, RuneScape is a form of free MMORPG lived for 16 years, can say is able to survive in the form of such a few, interested in a 9 below small make up for everybody introduced users breakthrough RuneScape 2 ten mil free form survived MMO.

The game release time has more than sixteen years (January 2001), is a sand box of online games, players to explore in a fantasy world, its emergence than blizzard released in 2004 more than three years before the world of warcraft. But unlike the latter,Buy Deadman Gold, developer Jagex's research and development team has created a medieval-style environment that lets players choose to play monsters, play errands or spend time with good friends.

In 2013, after several years of "RuneScape" core games after the update of Jagex released a version with 2007 more close to the nostalgic version of RuneScape, at present, the studio's game has more than 200 million registered players. After that, the company has finally found a can let old players like, way to attract new gamers again at the same time, the fans like Jagex looking back the history of the game, not long ago, Jagex studio COO and acting CEO Phil Mansell reviewing the development of the company before to the present, the content of the following is Gamelook finishing:

Few of the games that were released at the end of the last century still exist. "Mario" and "halo" are doing well, but they've all been propped up by a lot of rework and expensive marketing. Yet the MMORPG "RuneScape" offers survived the long years by focusing on free forms of community.

The game release period has more than of sixteen years (January 2001), is a sand package of online games, participants to explore in a dream world, its introduction than blizzard on sale since 2004 more than 3 years before the world of warcraft. However unlike the second option, developer Jagex's investigation and development group has created a medieval-style environment that enables players to choose to play creatures, play errands or even spend time with good friends.

Within 2013, after many years of "RuneScape" primary games after the up-date of Jagex launched a version with 3 years ago more close to the sentimental version of RuneScape, at present, the studio's game has a lot more than 200 million authorized players. After that, the organization has finally discovered a can let aged players like, method to attract new people again at the same time, the actual fans like Jagex looking back a brief history of the game, recently, Jagex studio COO and acting TOP DOG Phil Mansell critiquing the development of the company prior to to the present, the content from the following is Gamelook finishing:

The company was founded 17 years ago: Jagex three times

When Mansell and Jagex other team talk about the of the company, they are, in fact , the company is divided into different era, "we have so far experienced three times, the first is when a few of us, the founder in the era, founder, Andrew and Paul two brothers) are from Cambridge, they read the university, and according to the basic online game is very simple and create their own start-up companies, in the mid - 2000 - s, this is one of the first free games in Europe and America, it became a game play of very large can use web".

In fact , there have been no before in a social network, is to assume the role of RuneScape, which and the depth of the RPG system world play with social factors, so the game attracted a large number of users, Jagex little teams have been inundated with busy.

"This led Jagex to the second stage, where Gowers sold the particular studio to venture capital firms, Runescape 2007 Gold,and private equity firms made Jagex into the new period. Company was established within 2000, the game was released in 2001, the first stage is 9-10 years ago, during the 2005 received a small investment, in 2010 two founders opt out, they had to bring the investment decision gold wind, hope to promote further development company ".

The main characteristic of vc era is the analysis and development crew in order to release the game content and often face pressure, private-equity firms are not want to have a reliable and expected profits of the business, this kind of enterprise acquisition purpose is to through the company sold to earn price difference, "the organization has risk when repeated attempts to wish (hope) to get the second big money, however I want to be the second" RuneScape ", obviously is not so easy, some employees worked in the original game, and some employees didn't participated in ".

But the sequel has not been made, and private-equity companies want to quit.

"By 2016, one of the private-equity firms had 10 years, and the other 2 had five or six years, " he said. They decided to find a new buyer for the company, stopped trying to make a sequel, as well as started to focus all their attention on RuneScape.

At this time, Jagex reached a stable and high profit position with annual profit reaching 220 million yuan. Trading revenue, mainly because of subscriptions and as to China's zhejiang or holding (that is, the rich now accused associated with interactive) $1. 6 billion acquisition of the 51% stake within the company, let Jagex valuations reached 3. 2 billion yuan.

"I think this is the beginning of a third era, and we're going to continue to invest in RuneScape, and we're going to do some new games that we're going to invest in order to expand our company, " Mansell said. It's also possible to make Jagex's business more comprehensive through smart acquisitions, and also we're no longer putting the wrong pressures on developers, and we're optimistic about the future.

In April this year, Jagex specially created a video about the company's history,Deadman Gold ,"I know everyone has his own ideas, but we are real online operation experts, invested a lot of attention to players, we understand the player's behavior along with habits".

After the Chinese bought, Mansell hope can through the relationship into the Asian market, "we hope to enter the Asian market, we are looking for new area and platform, bring more rich content to the game".


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