RUNESCAPE - welcome to the golden city of Menaphos!

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With the biggest content update to RUNESCAPE now opens the door to the players, but not to see the mysterious city of Menaphos on the map. Developers have a player's desire not to provide a minor update a week, but the release is a whole.
Conventional enhanced 16 years of MMO excitement and interesting tasks and complex stories still fascinate millions of players. To keep the actual MMO interesting, the particular continuous development of new content is now added to three months of interval.

Previously unknown areas and challenges have been extended to both players and members of RUNESCAPE, even without the extra cost. The door opens on May 05, 2017 at the end of typically the Menaphos player. And we are: at first glance, everything appears calm and orderly. Under their own responsibility, the park grows a lot of palm trees and the sun shines in the desert city every day. But it's not gold, flashing in Menaphos.

New town - new ruler
Launching a new adventure with Menaphos allows you to expect a new role: pharaoh.Cheap Runescape Gold, Once mighty rulers, however , great changes have taken place over the years. Although almost no one got his eyes, he was afraid of the hard-working society, and there was no other.

In cities, more and more corruption is spreading, which should be tolerated by Lao wang as well as guidance. Each time, you come to the ruler's mask a little bit closer. In the course of the story, you will oppose the pharaoh rebellion against the threat of oppression. In addition to Lao wang you should also learn that Crondis knows the goddess of the desert. It's interesting to see, with her back to a woman's body and the head of a crocodile. Your task is to judge a person's soul, or heaven is eaten by her. But the wicked soul's diet has never been overlooked.

For years, their victims' SINS have hung on their character, which is an important point in the history of the Menaphos. The great pyramid and tomb maze provide many opportunities for the army to test your character. Delve into the story of the town's inhabitants, and become a treasure hunter to know what kind of ancient tombs, why the area is still closed for so long. It's in almost every house that you can explore Menaphos. So far, no one in the region is accessible and has a story. With a town, you can almost completely interact with the population.


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