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Over in South London supporter-owned AFC Wimbledon is thriving. The club was founded 15 years Packers Authentic Jersey And yet at the same time there was something fitting about AFC started with people buying season tickets for a club that did not yet exist, made its debut in the ninth tier of football and is now gliding stratospherically in the third tier of English football. More unbelievable, though, is that this scrap of a club, with its old-fashioned fans and old-fashioned values, is at the cutting edge of the digital revolution. Like Hashtag United, AFC Wimbledon is the embodiment of Football 2.0.The club is funded by the American author and Fifa player/commentator John Green. What’s more the digital version of AFC Wimbledon, a team Green created known as the Wimbly Womblys, subsidises the real thing. Ivor Heller, the club’s commercial director, talks about the first time Green made contact with him. AFC fans had brought a huge anti-homophobia banner to the previous home match and it went viral.The New York Times published a picture of it, which Green saw. He had already clocked AFC Authentic Clay Matthews Youth Jersey Wimbledon, admiring the way it had come into existence as an act of fan solidarity and revolt against corporatism. “He loved the fact that we had started from ground level zero. We had absolutely nothing. We had no ground, no league to play in, but we still raised £80,000 in a week by saying if we get money we’ll start a club.”Heller is a tiny tough guy, with a hint of Joe Pesci and a sense of the absurd. Which he has needed. “John said he had a way of funding sponsorship by a YouTube channel and I didn’t even know what a YouTube channel was at the time. I certainly didn’t know people were making money out of making films about themselves. Then when he said he was going to play Fifa and change the name to Wimbly Womblys, I was like: ‘OK I know you need an imagination to be an author, but surely this is potty.’” Green took the heart of the AFC Wimbledon team to create Jaguars Youth Jersey the Wimbly Womblys and added a couple of surprises. “He’s got two John Greens in there who are married to each other so all the time he’s thinking about breaking down stereotypes.”Now the big boys are trying to get in on the act. Many of Europe’s biggest football teams have started to invest in digital teams. Schalke, Ajax and Wolfsburg are a few of the teams who have signed up their own e-footballers. The French Professional Football League, in partnership with EA Sports, announced the first European e-sports football league last year — e-Ligue 1. Paris Saint-Germain are leading the way, having signed up a whole squad of e-footballers.Manchester City, by contrast, have just started to dip a little toe into the world of e-sports, with a single signing, Kez Brown. But they are still ahead of the game compared with most other Premier League clubs. Apart http://www.jaguarsofficialshop.com/authentic-allen-robinson-jersey.html from City, only West Ham United have signed an e-footballer.British football clubs, in particular, are worried about the ageing profile of active supporters. In 2014-15, the average age of adult fans attending a Premier League match was 41. To put this in context, the average age of supporters on the Stretford End at Manchester United’s Old Trafford was 17 in 1968. Not surprisingly, there is a direct correlation between the age of fans attending matches and the astronomical rise in prices. In 1992, the last season of the old First Division, the average ticket price was £7.56, while the average cost of the cheapest Premier League ticket in 2015 was £30.95 (inflation of 401% while the cumulative inflation rate in the UK for the 23 years is 91%). Cos even me when I meet these footballers they are untouchable. No disrespect to Gareth Bale, who’s lovely, but you get five minutes with them, his agent is over your shoulder all the time checking what you’re saying, you’ve got to send the video to them afterwards for approval, and you feel you’re talking to a media-trained machine.” The funny thing is Hashtag United also ask if they can see the video the Guardian is making about them before it is broadcast. We politely decline. This isn’t me telling you this to boast, I was seriously embarrassed by it.“I said: ‘What the heck are you doing? Gareth Bale is here.’ Then one of them said to me: ‘Yeah but Gareth’s a footballer, you’re our mate.’ And I thought I kinda get it. And this is where Kez Brown comes in. “In the US many kids start liking the professional football game by playing the console-based game,” Gigliani says.


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