The termites

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The termites or termites are a type of insect

, which is not the normal normal anomaly. The chest and abdomen are connected directly to each other, and there is no limb. It is a kinetic insect, characterized by its secret life. It feeds mainly on cellulose and lives in colonies with different sects In the structure and function of each, and the termites a lot of damage when spread at home or in the garden home, so the people of the house to get rid of it quickly by following some ways and effective steps to eliminate it.

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Termite Damage Termites feed mainly on cellulose found in nature in different forms; it attacks the houses built of raw brick and cement, and extracts the hay parts from inside the brick, and emptying it from the inside, leading to the collapse of the building on the inhabitants in the long term, and may attack Such as safes, storage materials, fabrics, doors and wooden windows, which damage them.

Termites also attack door wood, windows, wooden furniture, and parquet floors. Termites cause large losses in human-fed grains and attack dates, corn and crops that are scattered on the ground for drying under the sun or the heat of the air. Termites attack trees in general, such as palm trees and fruit trees of all kinds, leading to drought and death, or failure to provide a good and large crop. How to eliminate termites Water and soap: Termites can be disposed of in a simple way; by wiping floors and surfaces in the house using soapy water, or placing water in an open receptacle, place it on the window next to the places where the ants are located.
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Vinegar: Vinegar can be used to fight ants by diluting it with a little water, pour it into a spray bottle, and spray the places where the ants are. Spices: Acute spices, such as chilli, cinnamon and cloves, can be used to expel termites by diluting them with a little water and spraying places where the ants are constantly down.

Alcohol: Alcohol has positive results to expel ants, by using it as it is, or by diluting it with a little water, and spraying the places where it is located. Pesticides: There are special pesticides to expel insects in general, and termites in particular, and brought from specialized stores, and used at home, but with caution to contact the skin directly, and in the case of ants and the inability to control using these pesticides should be used by private companies to expel Insects.


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