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This year to revive just 36 Aaron Brooks Jersey years old, say that this is no less than the age, would like to heart is not enough, think the actual situation is not allowed. A month ago he was a city of medium-sized public relations company marketing director, a month seven seven eight eight hand to have 7,8 million, that day goes on is not impossible, although bothering a little more, who is not What about this? Walking away from the bridge on the side of the bridge, the old to stop, left foot in front of his right foot stood for a while, his left is a foil brother, the right is a foil brother. Old to the sky Sun Xia slowly pumping a cigarette, which he is not how the daily experience, usually smoking have to go to a special smoking area, while the smoke quickly into the lungs while the exchange of the company and the industry Gossip, and my heart quickly determine what is related to their own, which can be used. The cigarette butts thrown into the distant a brown Cayenne at the same time, the old came just to mention the same as with a Frisbee as thrown out, and my heart a bit tragic meaning. Could not help but often with colleagues (now is a former colleague) to open a joke: someday not go on, and on the bridge bridge, also months into the million it. He just from a P2P financial company interview, remember the other side of the faint smile of the face: how much media know? If the negative how long can get? Initial assumptions can bring the number of business increments? If a month ago, the old will probably be patting the chest, to the other commitment to a satisfactory number, after that thing, the old heart could not help but virtual half of the eyes hesitated a small, was the other keen Caught up. Before leaving, the other side of the hand has been holding the beads of fat beads from the full set of new books in front of the new set of Huai Jin set up, greeting visitors, old to come out of the glass door, alone to the elevator, grief and lost, Identity change to bring mentality change, a month ago, how could he think he will be picking the identity appeared here? He remembered his last day to get along with the former owner of the experience, in the morning into the company, his face shaved clean, the reflection of the glass can be seen as a little bit of an uncle, so 36 years old to revive a good mood, could not help but The usual routines with the front desk girl whisper two, that usually respond to his single-eyed chicks, his face is the meaning of ambiguous smile, so that he has some not very good premonition, and sure enough, to reach their own time, See the personal items on the desktop pile up a pile, drawer big open, inside the bill invoices and the various third party sent mascot were invited out, there are old to keep the evening do not return home with a toothbrush, , The smell of the ginger overnight in the old mouth gradually Nike Aaron Brooks Jersey thrown, he knew the accident. That a stack of receipt receipt did not see, should be copied away. Old to later thought for a long time did not want to understand where the gains, the action is how to initiate this investigation, how he did not get a little wind? And gradually some grievances, is not received hundreds of thousands of customers, have a family to eat, why do I come to the revival was caught typical? Old to that he was made a trip, but the boss did not give He explained the opportunity, even his old man did not see the face, could not believe that was once patted the old shoulder, not generous to tell them "rely on these brothers," the red man, then the facade How old, now what is the situation? Old to that the company's business booming these days, he old to contributed to this, he did not hesitate to suffer from the stomach drooping fatty liver alcohol liver, pores increasingly thick, increasingly red nose, or even small The sale is not fresh and delicious hue many times, do not say that the hundreds of thousands of this year to come up with 10% of annual turnover as an old reward, the old that is completely fair. However, the old to get only three months of book wages, was sent by the big sister sentimentally sent the door. Old age, of course, grievances, just a few days home, he is not willing to eat, repeated in the end who is suspected of the biggest suspect, and how to find evidence against each other, but think for a few days, all feel infeasible, and a few Day, old to fall into self-pity, always their own bad luck, people are 36, God must be difficult for themselves, perhaps the beginning of the year should really listen to his wife, the red underwear to wear inside. Sometimes old standing on the 30th floor of the balcony overlooking the city, lament the number of business name because he was more familiar with the number of website programmers, small series by him to receive the end of the year award, they may have a Know to revive the effort to make it? This time was swept out, the old heart to clear gossip has long been spread in the circle, but still holding a little lucky, and even find a few peers cast a small stone, but a road did not ask later, the old to realize that he It is impossible to experience again in this circle to eat. Those who have followed him in the back of the supplier of the business card, but also in front of the old body invisible invisible, "friends" are more than one, the days of calm as in the past every day. But the old this year just to the eldest son of the monthly fee of nearly a thousand of the senior primary school, the wife of the stomach is also a recent uplift, resigned from the job at home, at home to start the middle class full-time wife, Looking for a relationship in Hong Kong to do a blood test, proved to be a girl, children are about to achieve, every month to spend at least 50,000 to maintain the ideal life! Sometimes for customers sitting in the CBD cafes, glass counter behind the beautiful Of the siphon pot to the top of the Jamaican coffee flavor to the tip of the nose, their newly bought Vacheron Constantin Patrimony classic side of the reflection of a little light, old heart could not help but filled with some emotions and sigh, want to "struggle for eighteen years" for this The development of numerous cities in the city, "offer the body to offer youth", he deserves to enjoy this, how can not be too good for their own.


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