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Can we still see a giant leviathan monster at the fortnite materials end of this season, with a brand new escort mode tasking teams of 50 gamers to direct or keep it from going across the map? How could such a beast fit into the various mythical epochs we're seeing teased or discharged throughout the map?

In the end, this is one reason I have become such a big fan of Fortnite. It tells such a unique story in such a unique way. No conversation, no films, no personality sketches; rather, the story is woven directly into the match through events, changes from the map, and community sleuthing. It's such a distinctly video game type of narrative and Epic informs it with participation from the audience.

For example, when the rocket found it pointed out a quartet of laser-beams at Tilted Towers, the location on the map that lots of fans theorized the comet would ruin at the end of Season 4. It was almost surely Epic nodding to those theories. Then the rocket entered a rift just a split second before bumping into Tilted, sparing the small city from a second existential threat.

Would that have happened if nobody had considered Tilted since the buy fortnite items comet's goal? Perhaps. Perhaps not. It is hard to say--but it surely seems like Epic riffing from this Fortnite community. And it is charming and enjoyable and supporting all at one time.

And keep a look out for more rifts opening up, either swallowing things from the map or depositing them . I will update this post with links to additional reveals and revelations between now and Thursday when Season 5 kicks off.


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