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Tips for cleaning the house For better cleaning of the house, follow the following tips: Take care to get rid of garbage and clean the waste basket first-hand. It is also recommended to sterilize the basket with one of the detergents and expose it to the air to get rid of the bacteria and germs suspended and to maintain a good smell. Cleaning the carpet or carpet by bringing a bucket filled with water and add the perfumery of the cloth and pass it on it using a large towel, this method will clean the carpet well as well as tearing it and get rid of the hair suspended for some time.

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Remove the curtains and wash them and decorate them with a nice cloth, and it is recommended to wash each curtain in order to prevent any clutter when returned. Clean the doors and door handles thoroughly, and wipe the windows and polish them.

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Clean the kitchen thoroughly and clean the ceramic well using chlorine; give it a clean and shiny, and take care to clean the pots and arrange cupboards and polishing the vacuum and every corner is in the kitchen.

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Always keep the refrigerator clean, and do not place any dish in the fridge unless it is well wrapped with special paper for this purpose. Take care to wash the kitchen towels first-hand.

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Tips to perfume the house It is very important before you start to clean the house to ensure that it is well ventilated and get rid of the old smells lingering through the renewal of air and the opening of windows and windows to make a stream of air

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after the completion of this step can begin to house the house, studies have shown that the house and the presence of refreshing smells work To improve the mood of the family members and increase the calmness of the nerves and help them to get to sleep calm, and these refreshing smells recommended, the smell of sandalwood, jasmine, orange blossom, panson and chamomile as well as lavender, and to clean the house well It is also recommended to use aromatic candles, which give the body romantic and elegance of the house, and can be sprayed the house using a spray containing water plus an essential oil such as lavender oil.شركة-تنظيف-بالرياض-مجربة/


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