Two new languages support RUNESCAPE's adventure!

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Jagex proudly presents two fully language-assisted adventures to adventure-magician ariane: one for all players, one for senior members. If you like the magic and revelation of adventure, and you have nothing for the learned but stubborn heroine, read on.

Rune riddle (for all players)

As a child, beautiful Anna had a hunch, however being older and older,Deadman Gold, since she has been with the same fantasy: magician tower - their Alma mater - stand in the fire. Magical creatures appear and attack the magician. Ariane believes that the big mage Sedridor's "clean up" tower plan will lead to her predicted disaster. Ariana can't enter the mage system any more, so she needs your help to bring the truth to the wizard.

You will penetrate deeply the wise men of the tower system, it USES the actual order of the four different ruins at home: one with green magician free thought the red devils and analysis associated with grey magician calm blue mages. You have to figure out how to get into the particular ruins of the puzzle, and then decide your own sorcerer she reveals the secrets of the old tower to keep the hot new front.

As a bonus, there's a magic wand that can help the junior mage with a unique wizard cap and title. Both represent typically the magical order of your alliance with an ancient tower (you can change it again, if you like).

How to start often the rune riddle:

Speak to ariana at the gate of the wizard structure.



Runic memory (for mature members)

At the end of the exact rune riddle, the girl needs your help again. This time, her extensive research into the mysterious remains from the wizard tower, experienced - using the memories of former residents - was like the clash of magical ideals that led to the downfall in the old tower. Continue the study to put the very pieces of the old challenge together. So what do you have to release ariane and avoid misfortune altogether.

Reward, as a member of the adventure, you will be a complete set of in line with the former hat attracted by the magic robes, and can enter the angel Sedridor individual character of the bra, when you run in the Runecraft will provide you with the main rune essence. If you have developed this skill, it will be performed retrospectively. By the time you reach the 99th level, you've removed 24, 750 gems! People with high levels of miracle, prayer and runes can find more hidden rewards. When you're done with this adventure, just ask the podium.

How to begin rune reminder:

Talking to ariana in the ruins under the French tower.


You must be a older member of RuneScape.

Mysterious runes

There are 14 available Spaces in stock

Wizards revise the tower as well as Runecrafting association

While her double dose of ariana is adventurous, you should definitely watch the wizards' wonderful revision of the wind generator tower and Runecrafting association. Now, the spire,Sell RS Gold to us, turret stretched to the fourth floor, a magnificent view that almost reached the sky. With its animation, floating bookshelves and diligent mystery scholar - he's one of the masterpieces of our graphic team. In addition , the audio team operates magically, contributing new music and fantastic conversations to the tower's most talkative inhabitants.


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