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While we are proud to be the number one place online for people to buy OSRS Gold online. We also love to have fun and look at some of the more quirky things about the game. Today we are looking at some items that never made the cut, items that some of us may have been interested, but for whatever reason never made it out of development.

Cooking Pot

Ok so not the most exciting thing to start with, but what was this going to be used for? Runescape 2007 Gold.Would it be used for cooking so we did not waste what we were using? Was it just going to be part of a quest, never to be seen again? Honestly, we will never know!


Many people wondered just what the heck this was going to be. Was it going to allow us to set off fireworks? It sounded like it had some pretty good potential, but Jagex decided against releasing it.

Void Staff

The Void Staff was found by a gamer who did a few digging around.Deadman Gold. There are a few theories around and the main one seems to be that it looks too similar to another staff and that is why it was canceled. We think this looks pretty darn cool and would like to see it in the game.

Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag sounded like a great idea and there is a screenshot that has shown the sleeping bag was planned. Some people even said that they used it in the beat! It sounds like it would have been pretty useful, but we can see why it was removed.

This is just a few of the things that we could think of. Let us know in the comments below what items you were excited to see in the game that never made it in!


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