Vertical mill is a good helper for dealing with coal cinder in power plant

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Vertical Mill is the most important mining machinery and equipment, it has a wide range of applications, such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals and mines. Then you know it can also be used in power plants to handle cinder. Do not worry, the following will tell you the answer-vertical roller mill is a good helper to deal with Cinder.
The discharge of waste residue is relatively large each year. These wastes require a large amount of land, capital and human capital. If handled improperly, it can cause great pollution and stacking problems. It could also lead to casualties and huge economic losses. Therefore, the research and utilization of coal cinder in power plant has been widely carried out in recent years. The use of new waste residue treatment with vertical roller mill brought a new hope for disposing cinder. It can reduce waste and turn waste into useful resources.
The study confirms that in actual production, the coal cinder composition of the power plant contains a special material which can be used. At present, it has been able to make good use of industries in many fields, such as cement and building materials. The slag can be mixed into cement by micro-powder grinding, the new cinder cement can be used to manufacture high-strength building materials bricks. This kind of building brick surface is smooth, smooth, and has the strong compression, the breakage and the corrosion resistance and so on the performance. Because of low cost, the market space is very large. These measures not only solve the waste of resources, at the same time for coal enterprises and cement industry have solved very big difficulties, and greatly improved the work efficiency.


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