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Three years was announced and drowned without any clarity, most of you seem to remember the game project The Walking Dead from Overkill Software. That franchise that leads you to survival in the post-apocalyptic world inhabited by zombies is about to land with a concept that we have long anticipated.

Unlike Telltale's The Walking Dead series that mixes emotional stories with him, he will carry the Payday equivalent concept - a multiplayer action-based game. But unfortunately, instead of utilizing the momentum that exists, Overkill just caught controversy and greedy cases related to Payday 2 is still sticking to this day. Good news for you to wait? At least we already have a definite release plan.

Unpredictably, Starbreeze, who is now the owner of Overkill Software - has finally spoken about their The Walking Dead action game project. Reasserting previous information, this game is a 4-person co-op multiplayer game that will test your ability to survive through a series of missions and raids, where you are also required to seek supply and strengthen your base. Unfortunately, despite the age of the old announcement, Starbreeze "only" reintroduces this game through a cinematic trailer focusing on one of its characters - Aidan. No gameplay yet.

Starbreeze itself is scheduled to release Overkill's The Walking Dead is in 2018, but still without a definite date. It will slide for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course - PC

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